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Product Research is a supplier of unique pillows specially designed for health and wellness. Each product has been carefully researched and selected to ensure that only the top quality brands are provided on this website. Browse to find therapy pillows, buckwheat pillows, water pillows, gel cushions, specialty mats, and other products for stress and pain relief.
What is buckwheat?
Buckwheat is a fruit seed that is related to rhubarb. It is a broadleaf crop with a unique triangular shape. It is native in Asia and Northern Europe and is organically grown in western countries. Buckwheat can grow in different soils and climates. For it to be edible it must undergo a milling process, where the hard outer shell is removed. It has a dark color that is due to the hull fragments left behind during the milling process. Buckwheat is utilized in different parts of the world. It is used in making pancakes, beer, noodles in Japan and groats in Asia and Europe. Its hulls are also used as upholstery filling for pillows and zafu.

What are buckwheat hulls?
Buckwheat hulls are produced through the buckwheat milling process. It is the hard protective husk that covers the buckwheat kernels and guards it from various elements of nature. It is dark brown in color and usually used to fill upholstered goods. It is durable and produces less heat.

What are buckwheat hull pillows?
Buckwheat hull pillows make use of buckwheat hulls as its filling, the outer husks of buckwheat kernels. It is an affordable, environment friendly and renewable resource. It lasts long and the hulls do not easily wear out but become more polished when used. For centuries Buckwheat Pillows have been used in Japan and other eastern countries, then they where brought to Canada and more recently to the US.

Why are Buckwheat Pillows good for your health?
Buckwheat Pillows unlike conventional pillows contours to the shape of the head and neck. It helps relieve snoring, neck and back pains, temporomandibular joint disorder, headache and other spinal related problems. It alleviates tension and increases the quality of sleep. Allergic reaction to buckwheat hull pillows is unlikely and is mostly due to small residues of the buckwheat flour. When thoroughly cleaned and triple vacuumed the flour is removed making it hypoallergenic. It has a good insulating system. It stays warm during winter and cool during summer. It also allows air to circulate between hulls, granting to good ventilation and lesser heat and moisture.

How do you take care of a Buckwheat Pillow?
One way of taking care of a Buckwheat pillow is by washing its case. The hulls need not to be washed because they are impossible to soak dry. The inner lining rarely call for cleaning but when it does just remove the hulls inside it through its side zipper, then wash and dry it. To freshen the hulls, you can spread it under the sun.

How long does a Buckwheat Pillow last?
Buckwheat Pillows that are high in quality last for 10 years. Buckwheat hulls do not easily break down or disintegrate, instead they become refined and polished with use. Polished hulls are more comfortable to use for they conform easily.

What are other beneficial characteristics of Buckwheat Pillows?
Buckwheat Pillows have so many benefits not only in terms of health. It is environment friendly unlike foam based pillows. It is comfortable and cooling with an excellent insulating system. It is economical and practical for it lasts long, up to 10 years. It is resistant from bugs, mites, and fungus infestation. It also has a zippered pillow case that allows its owner to reduce or add the amount of hulls inside the pillow as they prefer.

How are Buckwheat Pillows made?
In making Buckwheat Pillows the supplies that are needed are organic, pillow grade buckwheat hulls, zippered cotton pillowcase liner and a regular pillowcase. Lavender and other scents are added to the hulls for a more relaxing sleep. The zippered pillowcase liner are filled with buckwheat hulls just enough that the pillow will not be too hard. Then it is placed inside the pillowcase zipper side in first. The pillow case and liner can be washed but not the buckwheat hulls, instead they are spread in the sun to freshen.

How are buckwheat hulls made?
To produce buckwheat hulls, first the fruits are left to dry under the sun. The hulls are removed through the milling process and vacuumed to remove traces of flour and other debris. Then it is rolled flat for pillow filling. Some use the roasting process to remove dirt and dust before they are filled in pillow cases.

What are the different types of Buckwheat Pillows?
There are 3 types of Buckwheat Pillows according to size, the large, standard and travel size. Large sized pillows offer maximum support and can also be used as a bolster support when sitting in bed. Because they are smaller in size compared to the large pillows, standard sized pillows are easier to manipulate and carry around. Travel pillows are small in size and can be easily packed into bags during trips and travels.

What are other types of Buckwheat Pillows?
Other types of Buckwheat Pillows are Japanese Buckwheat Pillows, yoga bolster, body pillows, eye pillows, neck pillows and lumbar support pillows. Japanese Buckwheat Pillows realign the neck while giving it support. Yoga bolsters are not only used during yoga session but also when doing activities on bed or floor. It helps in developing ones flexibility and relaxation of the body. Eye pillows calms the muscles of the eyes and relaxes the brain. Body pillows when used during sleep widens the chest allowing deeper breathing. It is good to hug during side sleeping preventing collapse of chest and shoulders due to gravity. Neck and lumbar support pillows relaxes and conforms to the shape of the neck and spine relieving tension and stress on the muscles.

Where are Buckwheat Pillows used, eg. home, spa, massage...?
Buckwheat Pillows are used at home as bed pillows and pet pillows. It is also used in spa, massage and during yoga as yoga pillows and meditation cushions. It helps in relaxing the body and also reduces tension. In hospitals it is used as orthopedic pillows for support and other therapeutic purposes. It is also used during long trips as travel pillows, cushions and neck support. At work it is used as wrist and back support.

What is the difference between organic and non-organic Buckwheat Pillows?
Organic Buckwheat Pillows make use of hulls that are non-fumigated or have no harmful chemical or toxins. These are produced without the use of pesticides but only through natural means. Non-organic Buckwheat Pillows are those that contain harmful chemicals from pesticides or herbicides. These are loaded with toxins and harmful to your health. Given that we spend a large part of our lives sleeping, it is just suitable to make sure that what we are sleeping on is healthy and safe.

What is unique about Canadian organic buckwheat?
Canadian organic buckwheat is 100% organic. It is maintained high in quality and protected by the Canadian Grain Commission. To ensure high standards of Canadian buckwheat, statutory had been made under the Canada Grain Act. With Canada s ideal growing condition superior production is ensured exceeding the standards set for Canadian buckwheat.
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